William Lessard 

                                                it’s gonna be rad to be dead,

                                except for all the TV i’ll miss


supermarket carts incapable of traveling a straight line

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\\\/\/the wobble of wheel requiring that you push/pull to avert a skyscraper of peas


                               the first time I tried to die i was making Eggs Benedict

i was about to crack the second egg when i cracked myself instead




                                                ^dead as perpetual motion that never walks a step dead making friends                          w/electrons & protons

                                                                                    it's gonna be rad

                                    unzip this flesh at the neck, kick it away


 every day the script posting a new song a new book a new movie i like that old video i love


            it's gonna be that person wishing Happy Birthday ten years later on my wall


                                            *all the life without blood

                                                pools at the chin*

William Lessard has writing that has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney's, Hyperallergic, PANK, FANZINE, Prelude, Maudlin House, Potluck, FLAPPERHOUSE. His work has also been featured at MoMA PS1. He co-hosts the Cool as F*** reading series in Brooklyn.