Dream Interpretation: Circles 

Kelly Corinda


How quickly a room

Becomes naked

When you’re done with it,


As if the walls

Never loved you

At all.


I am never so happy

As when I look

Into a glass,


Or fall,

Into something soft,

Like a divan, or arms.

I unfasten our summer
Photographs from their haunts,

Glimpse the prints.


Sweat on my temples,

Dark sparkling thoughts.

The rocks, the audience.


The unbearable blue.

Waterfalls turned to wine,

And pine boxes of pinot noir.


Who is that

With her black hair

Turned to fragments?


Kelly Corinda reads books and writes poems. Her recent work can be found in Potluck Magazine, Dum Dum Magazine, and Poetry City, USA, as well as on her tumblr at the-imponderabilia.tumblr.com. She says hi. 

Illustration by Guy Field