Alexandra Naughton 

Fail Mary

Sit on my face and trust that I have a lot to tell you

And they will never believe you anyway

Fruitless is thy womb and my loin

Fruitless is everything we could ever do or think of

Roll me in the mud Mary

Mother of fuck

Pray for us shitheads

Now until we figure out we’re dead



O Glorious, Saint Mary

Poster child of penitents

Help me find some grace

While I try to forgive my body

And forgive my mind

For the wrongs they've caused,

And shrug off materiality

According to

The spirit of my vows:

Pray for me

That I may hear your words

And feel my burdens crumble

At the moment of my death,

With my soul illuminating,

Rising above the powers,

And burning with the pure flames

Of charity and chastity

And thus merit to be received

With Thee

Into the eternal kingdom



Alexandra Naughton is a writer, chef of be about it press, and a spooky ghost. Her first novel, American Mary, was published by Civil Coping Mechanisms on March 11, 2016. You can buy it here